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To ensure the successful development, implementation and execution of an asset management strategy and plan, in support of boardroom goals, synergy is needed between management’s vision and understanding of asset management and the operational teams’ planning and execution.

At Pragma, we partner with our clients to create this synergy and our team of experienced asset management consultants, engineers and learning and development specialists provide support to evaluate training needs and implement structured training plans.

For over a quarter of a century, we have sculpted our asset management training offerings to cover the full spectrum of your enterprise asset management training requirements and provide our clients with quality training solutions that ensure staff development to positively impact organisational growth and success.

To achieve this, we offer courses designed for the entire organisation, according to strategic, tactical and operational categories. These courses are offered at our Pragma Academy as public training, or can be delivered at client site. Our courses can be customised to include client-specific case studies and work scenarios and are offered through various platforms: Classroom based training, blended-learning, online learning and onsite training.

public training

Are you interested in acquiring specific asset management knowledge? We have a full range of asset management training courses to suit your requirements.

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corporate training

We partner with clients to assess their training requirements and assist with implementing structured training plans to ensure that all employees are competent to fulfill their roles.


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fuels retail training

As leaders in fuels retail industry our training ensures an extremely high level of compliance with health, security, safety and environmental (HSSE) standards.

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